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A Few Myths Busted 

Lash Extensions will NOT harm your natural lashes when applied correctly.

Lash Extensions are completely waterproof.

Lash Extensions should not be painful or uncomfortable.

Lash Extensions should not ever feel heavy or weigh down your lids.

Not all lash extensions “look fake”; it is very possible to create a natural look.


Good training is expensive and should be ongoing. 

Quality products are very costly and have to be replenished often.

Licensing, Insurance, and Facility fees are essential to a good lash artist and are a considerable recurring expense.

For these reasons, Lash Extensions are considered a luxury service and are priced accordingly. Keep in mind, if your lash tech isn’t paying to be licensed, insured, and properly trained you have no recourse should something go wrong.   ( Proof of all licenses and insurance should be visible in any professional facility.)

How do I choose the right Lash Artist?

First and foremost, your lash artist should be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. In Oregon this is the legal requirement. In my opinion it is also important to choose a lash tech that has taken courses from a reputable company.

A serious lash artist is willing to spend a considerable amount of money and even more time ensuring quality work that won’t harm your natural lashes. Not only do training courses explain how to properly isolate each lash for extension application, they teach technicians about the chemistry behind the work and math involved to ensure your extensions are the correct weight and length to avoid causing permanent harm to your natural lashes. (Or Eyes!) Yes, lash extensions applied improperly can cause permanent damage to your natural lashes. 

Do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions — after all, these are your eyes. Look them up on social media or ask to see pictures of their previous work. If you can see glue, lashes stuck together, or several natural lashes are attached to one extension-  find a new technician. 

If you’re struggling with finding the right Lash Artist, just ask! I know a lot of skilled ladies in the Roseburg and Eugene areas and am happy to make recommendations if I can’t get you in.

What about maintenance?


  • Cleanse your lashes.

It is so important to wash your lashes daily. Makeup, dirt, and dead skin can build up on extensions, causing damage to lashes and possibly leading to skin disorders. Your lash artist should have lash bath available and explain how to use it.  

*Complimentary Cleansing Kits are provided with initial lash sets and available for purchase for non clients. 


  • Avoid oil-based products near your eyes.

Oil can break down the adhesive on your lash extensions, making them fall off sooner. You can still use an oil based cleanser or facial oils, just avoid getting them directly on your lashes.


  • Consider a silk pillowcase.

Not only do they help prevent wrinkles, but they also help prevent damage to your lash extensions. As you toss and turn at night, your face (and lashes) rub against your pillowcase- while cotton causes friction, silk glides smoothly, helping your lashes last longer.


  • Be Gentle.

You may be tempted to touch your lashes once you get extensions, but do not pick or pull at them. Just like the hair on your head, your natural eyelashes go through a shedding cycle; tugging on your extensions can cause your real lashes to shed prematurely and could eventually damage the hair follicle, causing lashes to stop growing back.


  • Maintain your lashes.

Just like you keep to a strict schedule for your waxing or hair color appointments, you need to go in for your regular lash fills. Get fills no later than every three weeks to keep them looking fresh, full, and even.


Extra Info:


Keep in mind, everyone’s results vary. The health and length of your natural lashes as well as the shape of your eyes play a part, so don’t compare because no two lash sets will look exactly the same. That’s what makes them beautiful!

️The health of your natural lashes is my top priority. I am happy to answer any questions and explain the processes whether you are my client or not. So don’t hesitate to reach out.

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