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"How Often Should I Get A Facial?"

I hear this question almost daily. ⁣

A common answer is monthly. If you’re working to treat a skin issue and/or can include monthly facials into your schedule and budget, then yes, absolutely. Our skin cell turnover is about 28 days so monthly facials is ideal. ⁣

However, I think there is usually more to consider:⁣

Your Current Skin Health

Not everyone's skin is up for a monthly facial. Very sensitive skin and clients with rosacea may feel irritation with a monthly facial, even with the most gentle products.

Your Skin Goals

What are you hoping to achieve? Hoping for fewer lines and wrinkles? Are you trying to lessen breakouts/acne? Reverse sun damage? Clean out blackheads?Or are you all about the facial massage and just want to relax and melt into the bed? It's very important to know your desired outcome for your professional treatment and to relay this information to your esthetician.

The Treatments You're Considering⁣

Some treatments, such as HydraFacials, are recommended every 3 months or so. Additionally, some Chemical Peels have a very strict timeline for when they should be performed. This is why it's so important to see a reputable esthetician with the experience and knowledge to offer the safest treatments for your skin.

Your Budget

This is probably the biggest determining factor for most people. So find an esthetician you can talk openly and honestly with to find the best solution for you and your skin goals!

Your Current Home Skincare Routine

⁣Honestly, if you’re paying for facials and then using the wrong products at home - you won’t see much improvement in your overall skin health. ⁣In fact you could be doing more damage than good, thereby waisting time and money on facials.⁣

So my answer is: Get setup with quality home skincare and schedule facials when the seasons change.

When you have a good skincare routine between facials it’s easier to maintain that glow everyday!

At the bare minimum and generally speaking, a facial 4 times a year (and for special occasions/events) is not only affordable but very beneficial and a good place to start; you can alway increase the frequency.⁣

Keep in mind, communication is key! If you aren't seeing the results you want, let's chat and see where we need to change things up.⁣

I am happy to support whatever works best for you and I’m always available for questions or help with skincare. Just remember - think of your skincare as an investment, your face is going to represent you for a long time!⁣

Below are my favorite at home facial masks, perfect when your skin needs a pick me up and you can’t get in for professional treatments:

HydroPeptide Radiance Face Mask

This glow inducing magic mask will fade dark spots while it boosts hydration and radiance. It's also packed with firming peptides to help with fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. If your skin starts to tingle, that means it's working.

HydroPeptide Rejuvenating Face Mask

Take a deep, calming breath - this specialized facial treatment mask will pamper, relieve, and restore sensitive or sensitized skin with cool, purifying clays and calming peptides. Using the soothing power of blueberry, this mask evens and chills out your complexion while enhancing your natural radiance.

HydroPeptide Balancing Mask

Far beyond a typical clay mask, this de-stressing and firming skin treatment balances with potent antioxidants while hydrating with luxurious Jojoba Seed and Olive Fruit Oils. Lactic acid gently whisks away dull, dead skin cells while protective and lifting peptides fortify for unbelievably calm, smooth, youthful-looking skin.

HydroPeptide Miracle Face Mask

This mask is for anyone who needs an instant pick-me-up before their next meeting--on Zoom or in-person or before a big event. For immediate radiance, apply this mask to lift, firm and add a glow. The pore-refining clay draws out impurities so you're left with a dewy and clear complexion.

HydroPeptide Hydro-Lock Sleep Mask

Overnight treatment that beautifully smooths and perfects your skin with a soothing blend of HydrO18™ Activated Water™ and calming licorice root. Royal peptides mimic and enhance the regenerative powers of royal jelly to benefit cell turnover processes and provide vital nutrients to the skin. The result: skin will look and feel radiant, refreshed, and soft.

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