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Skincare Ritual Workshop

Do you struggle to be consistent with a skincare routine? Have you purchased Gua Sha tools but aren’t really sure how to use them? Are you confused by all the conflicting skincare advice you see? Or maybe you just want a fun and relaxing afternoon pampering yourself?

If you relate to any of these scenarios the Skincare Ritual Workshop may be the perfect solution!

The workshop starts with relaxing your mind using breathing techniques and essential oils.

Next is a brief explanation of holistic skincare and the role our lymphatic system plays in our skin’s health.

Participants will then enjoy a guided organic facial which includes:

  • Oil Cleanse

  • Gentle Exfoliation

  • Warm Towel Compress

  • Appropriate Mask

  • Lip Treatment

  • Full Gua Sha Routine

During this time you will learn the many benefits of Gua Sha massage and why it has been called “natural botox”.

Luxury body butter and body oil will be available for you to try while you ask any skincare related questions you may have; all levels of skincare experience are welcome! The goal is for you to learn how to take your skincare routine from an annoying chore to a calming and effective beauty ritual; something you look forward to and enjoy! It’s a very laid back relaxing environment, often held in the private room of a local wine bar - perfect for a girls day with friends or family.

This event is also ideal for a bridal shower celebration or team building event and discounts are available for groups. While I do have a couple of options for locations, in some cases I may be able to bring the party to you. Please contact me for details or questions.


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