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Why You May Benefit From A Skin Consultation

There are so many factors that have an effect on our skin: our environment, health, age, hormones, diet, and stress, to name a few. These things are always changing and therefore, so is our skin.

Maybe you’ve been using the same skincare for years with no issues, but suddenly your skin seems to be misbehaving- breakouts, bumps, and/or dark spots are appearing. Has your skin become sensitive and easily irritated? Are you spending a lot of money on reputable brands but seeing little improvement? Or are you just completely overwhelmed by the endless options and don’t know where to begin? I don’t think anyone can deny the overwhelming amount of lotions, potions, serums, and hype in the beauty industry! If you can relate to any of these scenarios, please read on for a practical inexpensive suggestion from a professional.

Before you head into your nearest skincare superstore, amazon, the internet, or your well intentioned friend who’s having great results with her new MLM business (I truly mean no disrespect, I’ve been there), please stop and consider this: none of these salespeople have any kind of training or education in actual skin functions, skin health, skin disorders, or skin treatments. They are trained to sell you their specific product. If you say you have oily skin, they will sell you the oily skincare package. You will not get to the root of the issues you're facing. You will undoubtedly spend money, but you may or may not have success.

Fact:The beauty gurus on tiktok and instagram are not trained to get to the root of the problem and half the time I don’t think they care. Sales are the end goal.

Which brings me to my next point.

Clients often misdiagnose their skin conditions. For example, maybe a client thinks they have oily skin and are treating it accordingly, with little success, but after digging deeper we find their skin is actually dry or dehydrated. Why? Often they are using products that are too harsh, or they are over exfoliating which causes their skin to produce more oil in an effort to protect itself. Long story short - they’re using the wrong products and creating more problems for their skin than solutions. The same scenario often happens when clients think they have sensitive skin. Often their skin is just compromised due to incorrect skincare being used.

Enter the licensed and trained esthetician.

When you choose to talk to a licensed esthetician about your skin concerns you are talking to someone who is not only educated in matters of skin health and treatments, but it’s very likely since they chose this profession, they care deeply about the topic (i.e. They’re obsessed). I’m quite sure I’m not the only esthetician who researches methods and ingredients endlessly, always eager to learn about treatments (old and new) that can help a client or friend. An esthetician is concerned with your skin health. They want you to see results. They are invested in your skin as much as you are - healthy skin is their passion. Yes, I am encouraging you to take full advantage of these obsessive people; pick their brains! Trust me, they love it!

What’s involved:

Be prepared for an open and honest conversation. Obviously current skincare habits and products will be discussed. Ingredient lists of current skincare (pictures work). Questions about your lifestyle, hobbies, diet, and routines will also be helpful. None of this is meant to be invasive or critical but used to get a clear picture of anything that may impact your skin health and what skincare routine is right for you. I want to hear your concerns and goals and help set you up for success, so any and all questions you have are welcome!

Please don’t worry about me suggesting an expensive 10 step nightly routine or monthly in-office treatments. I am a realist and don’t want to overwhelm you or spend your life savings. "Less is more" is often my suggestion. In my opinion, setting you up for success means helping you to find a realistic solution for healthy skin!

A note about samples- If I have samples that I think you can benefit from, I will gladly share them. However, you should know a sample is not enough product to actually see an improvement or results in your skin. They are mostly purposed to make sure you don’t have any kind of reaction to the ingredients.

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