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Tips For Your Upcoming Facial Treatment

First time getting a facial? Not sure what to expect? Here are a few tips to insure you have a positive and relaxing experience!

  • Dress comfortably. A robe and privacy will be provided so you can keep or take off as much clothing as you are comfortable with. Ideally I would like access to your face, neck, chest, and shoulders.

Don’t worry about being cold, you’ll have a cozy heated bed with fresh linens waiting for you!

  • Please discontinue exfoliation and retinol products one week prior to your appointment to avoid irritation.

  • Don’t worry about removing makeup before your appointment, a thorough double cleanse is a part of your treatment.

  • Try to avoid excessive sun exposure before and after your facial and avoid tanning for five days before and after your facial. Sun damage and skin do not mix and should always be avoided; but especially before and after your service.

  • Know the names of skincare products you’re using at home. Feel free to bring a list or even bottles. This not only helps me get a clear picture of your routine but can help determine reactions you may be dealing with as well as ingredients I may need to avoid.

  • Be prepared to discuss your skin concerns and what your goals might be. Your esthetician is a licensed expert in skin and skin care so they will help you with a specific regime of treatments and products to achieve your goals.

  • Are you getting your skin ready for a big event? If you've never had a facial before and don't know how your skin will respond, our licensed esthetician recommends scheduling an appointment about six weeks in advance with a follow-up appointment closer to your event date. This way you have time to address any negative skin reactions and get the maximum results from your service. Don't have that much time? That's okay. Give me a call and we can find a suitable plan.

  • Relax. Above all this should be a relaxing experience. A lot of clients fall asleep during a facial, please don’t stress about that either - I love knowing you’re that relaxed!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kindy Wright

Rogue Esthetics

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