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Just Say NO to the Magnifying Mirror

Pores. Freckles. Discoloration. Red Spots. Bumps. Lines. Moles.

These are details. They are not imperfections. (Read that again.)

They are not ugly. They are not as bad or obvious as you think they are. Stop hating on them. We all have them. I have them. No one is airbrushed in real life. Filters are fun but they aren’t real.

That magnifying mirror that you’re spending too much time looking at, picking yourself apart, kicking your confidence in the gut - PLEASE put it away. Seriously, do you ever feel good about yourself after scrutinizing your face in one of those?! I’m guessing no, because I’ve been there.

Little Secret: NO ONE is looking that closely at you. And if they’re that close, they are not thinking about your pore size, trust me.

I realize this may sound hypocritical coming from an esthetician. After all, isn’t it my job to “fix” these things?

No, not really. I see tons of bare faces and I’m never thinking “geez what a mess”. I’m thinking about your skin’s health. Of course, I am happy to help with concerns you may have or things you want to work on. I want you to have healthy glowing skin absolutely. However, I don’t want to address your details unless you do.

My main goal is for you to feel more confident in your skin. I want you to see what I see. Because not once have I thought someone needs to be ‘fixed”.

Repeat after me: Differences and Details are NORMAL. Very normal. How boring would this world be without them?! So please, stop nitpicking at details that are exaggerated by a magnifying mirror.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Embrace that face and all it’s glorious details.

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